Deadly Temptation


Name: Ayane
Age: 314
Race: Succubus
Height: 1,70
Weight: 60kg

Class/job: Dealer

Appearance: Wears her deep red hair caught up with a hairpin made of a dark-purple gem. Uses black make-up and carries a scythe taller than her with one hand.


Not much is known about Ayane’s past. She’s a strong rival of Okinage’s store but has, in more than one occasion, helped the group. She took residence on an uncharted island to avoid complications and has her store magically set inside a small carriage. Ayane deals mostly on information and potions, though mercenary, and other more colorful, services can be purchased.

While not such an avid fighter as Okinage, Ayane is still strong enough to fend for herself on most occasions. Still she has a large bodyguard, whose demonic race is unknown so far, sitting outside of her carriage.

Ayane is pretty laid-back and can often be found lying under the sun on her own tiny beach.Her store can be accessed through a magical music-box which teleports the user to her store, and then back to its previous location.


StormWind Okinage