Azaya Rythian

Untamed Dragon


Name: Azaya Rhydian
Age: 205
Race: Green Dragon
Height: 1,60m
Weight: 60kg


Azaya was saved by an elven ranger as she hatched from her egg. The ranger tried to tame her during her younger years but she was a troublesome child/cub. In time, however, they bonded and Azaya allowed him to ride her in battle. During this time she met his apprentice, Rho.

During a job, Azaya was hit and crashed-landed. Her ranger died trying to protect her, and Rho was the one caring for her after the ranger perished. Took a while, until she warmed up to the young man.

She allowed him to become her partner as well, and has dubbed him a pervert, eventhough he walked in on her by accident during a bath.

Rash and impulsive, Azaya can be cornered and disarmed when faced with children. She can handle an army in battle, but can’t handle a child on her daily life.

Azaya Rythian

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