Fiora Lyndiare Hordah

The Crimson Mana


Name: Fiora Lyndiare Hordah
Age: 33 human years
Race: Half-elf
Height: 1,66m
Weight: 55kg

Class/job: Sorceress

Appearance: Long deep red hair. Fair skin and light green eyes. Likes to wear casual, long dresses under her red mantle.


Fiora’s mixed blood caused her close-minded community to abandon her as soon as her mother died. Her father was a freelancer who never bothered in meeting his child. Fiora spent almost a week foraging for food and barely making ends meet. Eventually, before exhaustion and hunger could claim her, Fiora crossed paths with a young dwarf called Reark. The young warrior took her in and took care of her.

Although they were constantly on the road, Fiora managed to develop the Gift that soon manifested within her. Reark took her to a friend of his who instructed Fiora to the best of his ability. Fiora showed a tremendous natural affinity with magic, and after a year she was able to join Reark on some less dangerous ordeals.

Under Reark’s guidance Fiora grew up to be a caring and extremely tranquil person. Like him, she could keep her cool under the most stressful situations and always act with caution and precision. She also developed a liking for alchemy and anything related to medicine. While her main focus and love was magic, she managed to learn a lot through her adventures.

One day, they came across Okinage. While Reark was cautious at first, Fiora insisted they should take him in. After some protests from Reark the group rescued him and helped back on his feet. The following years were spent helping him out, until eventually they gave up adventuring for a background role.

Thanks to Kana and Vinyr’s help, Fiora eventually managed to get through Okinage’s defenses and the two got married, while adopting Mayo.

Protective and caring, Fiora is an experienced spellcaster who will easily bring down a rain of fire and brimstone to protect those she loves.

Fiora Lyndiare Hordah

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