Fuu Isuke

Blossoming Blade


Name: Fuu Isuke
Age: 15
Race: Human
Height: 1,60m
Weight: 51kg

Class/job: Fighter

Appearance: Long brown hair caught on a single side-tail. Deep brown eyes and smooth features. A bit of a mischievous look.


Fuu has always looked up to Kana and Vinyr. Despite her anemia taking the better of her on some occasions, she’s been training hard to become a good freelancer.

Fuu’s first-blood was a somewhat disturbing experience for her, but thanks to Vinyr’s help she managed to deal with it, eventhough she still cringes ever so slightly when facing other people.

Fuu’s style is a bit of a mix. While she tries to learn from Kana‘s fighting style and behaviour, she also tries to mix in a bit of Mugen’s fighting style. She prefers big swords, which allow her to overpower her opponent, and she tries to cover for the loss of speed with a variation of the Quick Step.

While now Fuu is a bit of a mix of different schools, when she finds her calling, she can blossom into a full-fledged warrior.

Fuu Isuke

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