Gweneth of Aaron

Dragon Queen


Name: Gwenweth
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 1,65m
Weight: 60kg

Class/job: Queen

Appearance: Long wavy light brown hair, held back with two diamond hair-pins and carries a golden tiara. she wears a somewhat simple but expensive sleeveless blue dress, accompanied by two long white gloves that reach up to her elbows. while her expression is pretty serene, her eyes seem to give away a much more chaotic set of emotions to any good observer


Gweneth looks serene and like a proper queen on the outside. Whenever possible, she can be found by her 7 year old son, Lance’s side.

Gweneth has withstand a lot ever since her parents were murdered by Liandello and Aaron fell. Gweneth’s encounter with the party helped strengthen her resolve. She had already been helping the resistance thanks to Weiss’ help.

Eventhough Liandello tries to break Lance throughly, Gweneth often sings him stories of old heroes to sleep, trying her best to save the kid’s personality.

Whenever Gweneth meets with the other members, they always ask her for the resistance’s anthem:

“We drink to our youth to the days come and gone
For the age of oppression is now nearly done
We’ll drive out Chronos from this land that we own
With our blood and our steel we will take back our home
All hail to Sahyr you are the high king
In your great honor we drink and we sing
We’re the children of Aaron and we fight all our lives
And when the beyond beckons everyone of us dies
But this land is ours and we’ll see it wiped clean
Of the scourge that has sullied or hopes and our dreams"

Gweneth of Aaron

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