Hiro Sarashi

Death's Hand


Name: Hiro Sarashi
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 60kg

Class/job: Knight

Appearance: Short brown hair, bright reddish eyes. Right one becomes yellow when she activates her ability.


Hiro’s town was attacked by barbarian tribes several years ago. During the fight, Hiro defended her younger sister to the best of her abilities. An extremely focused fighter, Hiro was countering every attack until the moment her sister ran to her for protection. Hiro reacted by instinct and struck down the child. In a haze of confusion and loss Hiro killed her attackers while severely injured. She was about to give up her own life for her sister when Death itself offered her a pact.

Now Hiro roams the continents carrying one of Death’s books. In these she’s given a target and its sins. Hiro hunts these abominations and brings peace to their souls. It’s sad that a child’s soul is worth over a hundred adult ones. Hiro’s been gathering these sinful souls to pay for her sister’s.

Death’s Hand: In combat, Hiro can borrow the powers of the Reaper himself. Her left hand becomes protected by a skull-adorned gauntlet, ending in five claws, which transforms from her shield. Her weapon also morphs itself, becoming a blood-red scythe. At her will, those struck down by this scythe cannot be revived, and she can also attack the enemy with a powerful pilar of flames.

Hiro’s a calm and collected person. She’s embarassed of the scars on her body, but managed to gain some confidence during her travels with the group.

Hiro Sarashi

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