Hisagi Okajiri

Tamer of the Sky


Name: Hisagi Okajiri
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 1,77m
Weight: 70kg

Class/job: Ranger

Appearance: Tall and slim, spiky black hair and sharp eyes. Often dressed in a black kimono.


Hisagi hails from a small village from the Endless Wastes called Carthor. When the village fell, Hisagi and his family built a small inn by the road, which still stands to this day, while the other survivors built a small settlement around.

Hisagi had a brief experience with a group called Ku-Oni. After being framed for the death of his settlement’s shaman, his brother Kyo helped him escape, losing the right to become the next shaman. A chance to redeem himself came later when he met the first group of adventurers led by Kana. Along with them Hisagi managed to at last cut all ties with the Oni as well as fixing things with his family.

Years later Hisagi would go through another trial by fire, by earning to respect of Kana‘s mother, with a little help from Okinage, who said something to Kaede that still remains unknown to this day. During this time the group, now with Vinyr’s help, would finally cut down the last remnant of the Ku-Oni, while keeping a demi-god called the Firstborn from claiming to world for itself.

An agile fighter and experienced tracker, Hisagi’s blade would recently awake and give him a few boosts in battle. While still searching for the true nature of his weapon, Hisagi’s been focusing on improving his skills with his sword, as well as parenting now that they have Pan to look after.

Hisagi also has two contracts with two extraplanar mounts, which he can summon every so often: Akuma, a Nightmare. And Kaze, an Asperi. While the two horses would be natural enemies, after serving Hisagi for so long they developed a strong rivalry, one which the party often exploits to get to their destination faster.

Hisagi Okajiri

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