Iori Aranth

Dead Man Walking


Name: Iori Aranth
Age: 26 (when he died)
Race: Human/Construct
Height: 1,82m
Weight: 76kg

Class/job: Duskblade

Appearance: Short red-hair, chain mail underneath a tabard and a heavy scarf around his neck.


Iori died when his sister, Esther, was merely 6. Seeing his devotion for his sister, the gods allowed Iori to watch over her in the body of their cat.

Years later, when Vinyr took Esther into the group, Iori was eventually given a physical body with the help of a construct crafter Seidhr. Iori was given a body similar to a Nimblewright with some modifications.

When Esther passed away, Iori left the store to go on a journey. His whereabouts have been unknown for a while, until the party managed to contact him recently. Iori said he’d stop by the store in a few days, once he finished something.

Things between Iori and Vinyr were always somewhat edgy, and time hardly healed them,and the fact that Iori is hunting every moving drow in search of the one who left Esther poisoned may be a troublesome spark.

Iori Aranth

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