Liandello Gangrel

The Red King


Name: Liandello Gangrel IV
Age: 62
Race: Human
Height: 1,81m
Weight: 80kg

Class/job: Fighter


Dubbed the Red King, Liandello led an unheard of campaign to conquer Aaron. Accompanied by Tude‘s inventions, he laid waste to Aaron’s troops and took over in a matter of months, ruling with an iron fist.

Liandello took care of heritage soon as well, fathering a son by claiming the, at the time, teen princess Gweneth of Aaron.

A bloodthirsty and ruthless tyrant, Liandello is still a fearsome warrior despite his age. His personal army, the Red Crowns, are trained personally by him and have been able to uphold the law with minor casualties.

Liandello Gangrel

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