Mayo Lyndiare Hordah

Quiet Innocence


Name: Mayo Lyndiare Hordah
Age: 12
Race: Human
Height: 1,37
Weight: 45kg

Class/job: Caster in the making

Appearance: Short, brown hair caught in two small ponytails or ox-horns. Dresses mostly in small kimonos or baggy pants with a chinese shirt.


Mayo’s parents had opened their inn shortly before the small village was turned into an undead ridden land. Due to the rituals performed by the local priest, the inhabitants began dying and turning one by one. Her older brother was her company until he too passed away. The party found Mayo’s diary while trying to rescue her.

Despite all that, and thankfully because she was too young to fully grasp what had happened, Mayo became extremely resistant to stress and danger. Despite her tender age, Mayo is not easily spooked or frightened. Fiora and Okinage pretty much adopted her when Kana and co brought her in. After some initial struggle, Okinage ended up surrendering to the child.

Fiora didn’t let Mayo’s lack of speech interfere with the child’s life and taught her how to work with it. Mayo often communicates with the help of a small note-book she always carries. And with her "mother"’s help, she began learning magic and some very basic first aid skills. Since Mayo cannot use vocal components, they managed to find a tag-system that allows her to summon small spirits and cast minor spells without the need to speak. With practice, Fiora hopes that Mayo can cast normally without having to resort to the tags.

A few years after her rescue, Mayo lead Vinyr to the store by accident. After the elf joined their ranks, Mayo and Fuu got a pet panda which they named Bao.

A cheerful and caring child, somewhat mature for her age. Mayo is not easily discouraged or disturbed and loves to go on small missions with Fuu.

Mayo Lyndiare Hordah

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