Mugen Isuke

The Invisible Blade


Name: Mugen Isuke
Age: 32
Race: Human
Height: 1,76m
Weight: 75kg

Class/job: Samurai/Ronin

Appearance: Can usually be found in simple and worn-out kimonos. Always carries a beard w a couple of days, and his wild hair is caught on a ponytail.


Mugen’s life wasn’t easy. No sooner had he called himself a proper samurai than he was forced to turn his blade on his code. Mugen discovered that in his town, code, law and a solid word were as worth as the gravel he stepped on everyday. In order to take care of his small sister, Fuu, Mugen became the yojimbo of a mobster. Eventhough the job turned his stomach he couldn’t walk away, as Fuu’s condition was precarious.

When Mugen and Kana “fought”, or rather annoyed eachother to the limits of human patience, he took a leap of faith by allowing her to reach his boss. Believing in her word was what Mugen needed to get back on his feet. And soon enough he had escaped with Fuu to the safety of the store.

Mugen always helped out when he could, and he eventually opened a dojo to support for his new family, Chiyoko was on the way and he had to find a proper job, seeing how Nana was helping out in the store.

Mugen’s students take up most of his morning schedule, but he’s at home whenever he has the chance. He often trains the kids from the store, and has been teaching Fuu the very basics of his Quick Step, a technique Retsu mastered in a short ammount of time.

Extremely calm and collected, it’s not easy to tick-off Mugen, and that was probably what made Kana and Mugen avoid a bloodbath that night.

Mugen Isuke

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