Nana Isuke

The Silent Blade


Name: Nana Arashi Isuke
Age: 30
Race: Human
Height: 1,68m
Weight: 63kg

Class/job: Kunoichi

Appearance: Usually has her brown hair caught behind her head with a chopstick or loose. Wears light make up and prefers long sleeveless-dresses. Amber eyes.


One of the elite assassins from Tethyr, Nana was being forced to work for the sake of her little brother. After a lost battle with Kana, the two managed to rescue Retsu and Nana became a valuable ally.

Her personality pretty much earned her the position of Older Sister at the store. She can be often found giving advice and helping out the younger members.

Despite having been away from the front-lines for a while, her kusari-gama remains as deadly as ever, and eventhough Nana and Mugen finally had a child, called Chiyoko, she has proven that she’s still a strong ally.

Nana can nowadays be found looking after the children and helping Fuu and Mayo with some aspects of their daily training.

Her contacts with Tethyr are also a strong weapon at her disposal, and she can easily request back-up in case things take a turn south.

Nana Isuke

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