Nuo Mishima

Wild Cat


Name: Nuo Mishima
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 1,72m
Weight: 61kg

Class/job: Rogue

Appearance: Brown hair caught in a pony-tail. Tribal tattoo on her right shoulder and usually wears a tank-top and short-shorts


Nuo was born and raised in the Bandit Wastelands, learning how to handle the worst sort of criminal from a tender age.

Carefree and laid-back, Nuo’s flashy fighting style earned her the nickname Wild Cat. Using two tonfas, Nuo’s fighting style has her moving a lot and delivering powerful and swift attacks from all sides.

Nuo managed to take-over the Wastelands after the incidents of the previous campaign, which allowed her to bring peace, albeit fragile, to the place.

When she returned to the store, Nuo brought along her pet iguana, Spike.

Nuo Mishima

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