Okinage Hordah

Dusk's Mark


Name: Okinage Hordah
Age: 290 ( 36 human years )
Race: Half-fiend
Height: 1,82m
Weight: 80kg

Class/job: Rogue/Spy

Appearance: Long white hair clashing with dark purple skin. Dark yellow eyes. Wears a custom-made leather armor along with two gauntlets, one golden one silvery, from where his curved daggers pop out.


Okinage’s the exiled heir of his home plane. A violent plane where the throne can easily change, all it takes is for a demon to challenge the ruler and beat him in combat. Okinage’s the son of the previous ruler and one of his war prisoners, a human woman whose name Okinage never learned.

Early in his teenager years, Okinage was exiled from his plane and left to die in a barren wasteland on our plane. His unconscious body was discovered by Fiora and Reark, who nursed him back to health and eventually talked him into joining their adventuring group.

When Okinage was sent to our plane, a curse was placed on him, stripping him of his powers, each sealed within a glass sphere and trusted to a guardian. The party spent four years tracking them and recovering them. Okinage eventually warmed up to the duo and grew protective of them. After several years of adventuring the group decided to settle down and keep stay out of any main incidents. They opened a shop which deals in gear, alchemy goods, mercenary work and some black market goods.

Initially a very cold and aggressive person, Okinage gave into more of his human side thanks to Fiora’s influence and later to Kana and Vinyr‘s. Mayo’s presence also left a bigger mark on him than he’ll ever admit. This also allowed him to after so many years give in and marry Fiora.

Okinage became much more human-like over the years, but still keeps plenty of his fiendish personality. He has a very short-fuse and while he’s not afraid to inflict pain on his enemies, those who cross him or endanger those he holds dear are faced with his darker nature, and hell on earth.

Okinage Hordah

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