The Silver Order


Name: Paarthurnaxyus
Age: Unknown, Great Wyrm
Race: Silver Dragon
Size: Colossal


One of the original dragons who once ruled the continent. Paarthur created the Order of the Silver Hand, before retiring and leaving the continent to the surface races. The order, before it was corrupted by the Veiled Prophet, was constituted by Paladins, Knights, Samurais and Warriors who held valors and principles akin to Paarthur’s.

The Order’s job was to keep the peace and help those in need above all. Now, faced with the corruption and perversion his Order has been reduced to, Paarthur requested that the party would help Yulfric rebuild the order, as he saw in him the ideals and qualities necessary to bring the Order back to its previous glory and purpose.

For such an ancient dragon, Paarthur is rather calm and approachable. His chamber is enchanted, and on the starry sky that looms over the void-like chamber, he can observe an infinite sea of futures.

Like the other “Seven Originals”, Paarthur remains “asleep” in his chamber. Any action triggered by Paarthur could awaken the other dragons, which would bring catastrophic consequences.

Paarthur also has the power to awaken one’s hidden pontential, should he wish to do so.


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