Reark Firehammer

The Unyielding Shield


Name: Reark Firehammer
Age: 81 (Human Years)
Race: Dwarf
Height: 1.24cm
Weight: 72kg

Class/job: Warrior/Dwarven Defender

Appearance: Old, battle-hardened dwarf. Long brown beard with two small braids, little hair left and dark brown eyes.


Reark hails from a community of dwarves known for their crafting skills and powerful fighters. Reark was trained from a tender age to wield his shield and his mallet with equal respect and proficiency. Reark’s community met its demise when during some excavations, several goblinoids erupted from the walls, followed by demons and horrors most of the dwarves had only heard stories about. Reark fought alongside his brothers to the best of his ability but they were quickly overrun. Against his protest, some of the elders managed to save some of the younger dwarves by teleporting them to the surface. Alone and with no home to return to, Reark hit the road.

After some years of traveling, Reark met Fiora, and took her in determined to protect her to the best of his ability. When Okinage joined the group, Reark slowly became the fatherly figure they both needed.

Once the group decided to retire, Reark finally let his shield rest and dedicated himself to Blacksmithing. With Fiora’s help he created a small workshop in the store and enchanted it to keep the noise from bothering the costumers and the two youngins.

While Reark is a quiet and sensible person, he refuses to retire despite his age and his aching body claiming otherwise. The group finally managed to put him somewhat at ease by introducing him to Meril, a promising blacksmith with some interesting ideas that caught Reark’s attention.

Reark Firehammer

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