Retsu Arashi

Peacemaker / The Black Flame


Name: Retsu Arashi
Age: 18
Race: Human
Height: 1,76m
Weight: 75kg

Class/job: Fighter/Ronin

Appearance: Spiky red hair w a small pony-tail. Wears mostly a blue kimono and can often be seen carrying a small book.


Retsu took a while to mature. Adding to his brat-ish nature Kana’s rejection and the incident with the witch who tainted his blood, Retsu had quite an eventful life.

But time heals most things and Retsu found in an old book about samurai of old the guidance he needed. He managed to master the technique from Tethyr he had stolen and earned the recognition of the realm. Seeing as how he wanted to keep improving his skills, Retsu refused Tethyr’s offer to work for her and became an employee of Okinage’s.

This took him to Aaron, where he was serving as a scout, provided he was allowed to work by himself. Witnessing how the Red Crown handled things, Retsu began a one man campaign to protect those he could. His fighting style earned him the name Peacemaker. He’d draw a circle with his sandal and keep his hand resting on his sword. Whenever a guard would step into the circle he’d knock them out, or kill them if needed, with blinding speed and perfect precision.

This, naturally, led to some troubles. In the town of Vannes. There he met Sannae who’d become his girlfriend. Witnessing how her husband treated her, Retsu stayed at the local inn. Protected by the populace he managed to stay out of the crowns’ radar.

Baelor and Tarya, the innkeepers, also helped him out. And when, later on, the party rescued Retsu from jail, they played an important role in his recovery.

Aided by the group, Retsu managed to rescue Sannae and her husband, Medan, died at the hands of the party.

Retsu Arashi

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