Sahyr of Aaron

The Unwavering Will


Name: Sahyr
Age: Mid 20s
Race: Human
Height: 1,80m
Weight: 77kg

Class/job: Knight


Sahyr was exhiled from Aaron when Chronos took over. Forced to leave by the court’s wizard so he could help his people, Sahyr formed the Aaron’s White Knighs. A resistance group which has been fighting small guerrillas for territory.

Sahyr’s sister stayed behind on that fateful night, seven years ago. Sahyr has surrounded himself with people he fully trusts in order to rescue her, and his very young nephew. Although the time for war is nigh, Sahyr’s faith remains strong that he’ll recover his realm and his sister’s honour.

While he can no longer claim the throne, he wishes to help his sister and nephew rule on their own terms.

Loyal, brave and kind hearted, Sahyr is a strong leader who puts valour and honour above all.

Sahyr of Aaron

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