Sakuya Vodoleyev

The Revival


Name: Sakuya Vodoleyev
Age: Unknown
Race: Elder Vampire
Height: 1,40m (child) / 1,73m (adult)
Weight: 47kg (child) / 60kg (adult)

Class/job: Unknown

Appearance: In her child form, Sakuya wears a simple dress and light grey hair and grey eyes. When she changed to her adult form, her hair becomes longer and white. Her eyes become red and she can often be found wearing a long, floaty white kimono.


Little is known about Sakuya. She lives alone in a mansion with her ghost-butler Sebastien. She spends most of her days resting or tendng to her garden of cherry-trees.

Sakuya can be seen, most of the time, in her child body as to save as much energy as possible. She enjoys spending time watching her trees and plants, and painting.

While Sakuya is yet to show her true powers, it is known that she has an affinity with several types of insects, mostly small spiders, all bearing a pink petal somewhere on their bodies. Through these bugs Sakuya can see and listen to everything the critter does, but is unable to communicate verbally.

Sakuya’s mansion is placed somewhere in the realm of Niflheym, on the NW corner of the continent. Her mansion is easily accessed by requesting a lift to Sebastien, who uses an old carriage to quickly transport guests by jumping planes.

Sebastien and Adult Sakuya


Sakuya adult

Sakuya Vodoleyev

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