Samara Spahr



Name: Samara Spahr
Age: 19 (Human years)
Race: Half-elf
Height: 1,61m
Weight: 50kg

Class/job: Rogue

Appearance: Light gingery hair and amber eyes. Wears a simple leather armor underneath a very baggy shirt and loose pants.


Samara and her brother Sorvahr have been on their own for a long time. Sorvahr taught her most of what knows about being a rogue. While they were within the elven lands of Lammoth, Sorvahr was extremely protective of her. Once they left, Sorvahr distanced a little bit to force a sheltered Samara to fend for herself.

Her relationship with her brother isn’t bad, but she’ still sour about him growing so distant when they left the woods. Something that didn’t help either, was that the guild Moondrop took Sorvahr in, and he asked them to make Samara an honorary member without actually enlisting her.

She acts as a Robin Hood of sorts in the city of Vannes, Aaron. She made her residence in an abandoned clocktower, where she stays in contact with some members of Moondrop.

Resourceful and usually in high spirits, Samara is great at gathering information and stealing, something she had displayed while still in Lammoth, which lead her uncle to give her the nickname “Sly”, which she always hated.

Samara Spahr

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