Xin Zhou "Kato"

The Irreverent Dragon


Name: Xin Zhou
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 1,75m
Weight: 75kg

Class/job: Monk

Appearance: Laid-back look on his face, long black hair, loose or in a pony-tail.


Kato was known as the “Run-away Prince” for quite a while.

Trying to dodge his country’s tradition of exiling the sibling who would not become the next emperor, Kato wished to take no part in that. After being “convinced” by the party and his sensei to go back, Kato dedicated himself to find some sort of loop-hole on the tradition so he can live with his brothers.

Light of spirit and and amazing martial artist, Kato is second only to his older triplet, Sun Zhou.

Xin Zhou "Kato"

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