Name: Sularn
Age: Uncertain (roughly 18 in human years from what she was told)
Race: Elf
Height: 1,57m
Weight: 49kg

Class/job: Presumably Druid or Sorceress

Appearance: Long blue-ish hair. Empty and distant blue eyes. Wears a simple dress which drags on the floor.


Not much is known about her past apart from some loose information.

As a kid Sularn is known to have been captured by the pirate ship Red Maiden when the crew raided a small village on the Southern Seas. One night a violent storm hit the Maiden and sank her.

Sularn washed up at a small village on southern Chaozhai, where an elderly couple found her asleep by the shore.

They never tamed the trouble-child and she’s said to have grown wild. Displaying her different mood swings often. Her early experience with the pirate crew caused her to create a second personality, a vicious and violent persona. This personality manifests when Sularn is approached by men or is troubled.

An old druid has encouraged Vinyr to undergo several trials in order to attune his senses to her, derived of the faint traces of druidic blood in him.

Unpredictable, but possible to reason with while her calm and shy personality is out, Sularn wanders the continent searching for the last survivors of the Maiden’s crew:

King Liandello, General Akarath Hughes, General Lundil Ebonguard, Minister Xan Chao, Minister Lucas Jaahre

One thing that has prevented Sularn from finding all targets has been the fact that both the land and the kingdoms changed since her younger years, and the new borders have thrown Sularn’s persona off.

The druid also informed Vinyr, through a few verses, that Sularn seemed to be looking for something.

“Her heart is trembling,
like leaf on a maple tree,
waiting for the Autumn Rain,
waiting to fly away”

What this meant, is anyone’s guess, but Autumn is but a month and a few days away.

Recently, Sularn has warmed-up to the folk from the store, especially Kana and the children. Becoming much more social and easy to keep calm.


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