Sun Zhou

The Unstoppable Dragon


Name: Sun Zhou
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 1,75m
Weight: 75kg

Class/job: Monk

Appearance: Long dark hair, often loose.


Sun is the fiercest of the triplets. While Yi shines behind the scenes with his gunbai, ordering his archers and casters to cover his brothers’, and Kato’s infantry is a force to be reckoned, Sun’s cavalry can even make the Heavens tremble.

Sun is as deadly on top of his war-horse as he is on foot, and his army shows perfect coordination when charging through the battle-field, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

More serious and focused than his brother, Sun is not unapproachable at all. While he can come across as a bit stern or hot-headed at times, he’s a valuable friend and ally.

Sun Zhou

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