Immortal Fire


Name: Yulfric
Age: 17
Race: Human
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 72kg

Class/job: Paladin


Yulfric’s an orphan who eventually found his way to the Order of the Silver Hand. An old member took Yulfric in when he was still a baby and rose him with the old ideals in mind. A young recruit, looked down by most of his peers, Yulfric stays true to the original teachings and ideals of the Order.

His calling arrived at the age of eight, soon after the member who took him in had passed.

The Veiled Prophet’s methods have been nothing short of extreme, and Yulfric’s desire for a revolt only recently gained form when the group approached him.

Although lacking in experience and confidence, Yulfric’s will is as solid as the walls of Chaozhai themselves.

Yulfric looks up to one of his comrades, Alexandra. A far more experienced comrade who, despite being loyal to the old teachings, has managed to gain the respect of the Order.

Yulfric’s lack of attitude make him the joke of the group. He’s often sent in minor tasks and to deal with the most annoying, albeit sometimes dangerous, tasks.


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