Tag: Chronos


  • Soleanna Kaestner of Luhm

    A slave-maker from Luhm. Cocky and short-tempered Soleana deals mainly with buying, training and re-selling slaves, as well as with fabric. Considers Heluma ([[:kana-akahoshi | Kana]]) a rival.

  • Tude Glanzer

    While a brilliant engineer, in love with gnomish engineering, Tude is also known for his arcane achievements. His love for engineering is only surpassed by his love of women and wine. Liandello's right hand, he's thought to be only on his side for …

  • Liandello Gangrel

    Dubbed the Red King, Liandello led an unheard of campaign to conquer Aaron. Accompanied by [[:tude-glanzer | Tude]]'s inventions, he laid waste to Aaron's troops and took over in a matter of months, ruling with an iron fist. Liandello took care of …

  • Veiled Prophet

    A being who rules over the Silver Hand Order. An archangel who once sought to escape the eternal conflict with a group of refugees from both angelic and demonic factions. Betrayed by the demoness with whom he had fallen in love, he was driven to …